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PSK Reporter
You   can   use   the   Internet   to   see   who   is   on   the   air   and   also   check   out   your   station.      I   use   several web   sites   to   see   find   out   what   the   bands   are   doing.      These   web   site   can   help   you   predict   who and where you might be able contact.
20M PSK Stations - Nov. 9, 2014 ~ 22:00UTC
I   transmitted   a   CQ   on   20M   -   I   can   then   check   out   PSK   Reporter   to   see   who   received.      You   have   to setup PSK Report for your call - see below:
I have set up to reporter all the stations that received WB5CXC within the last hour.  
Your   station   of   record   will   show   up   as   the   symbol   with    ‘L’   (your   location)   in   it.      You   can   click   on   a station and it will give you more details about the contact. 
I   clicked   on   a   station   up   in   Oregon   -   you   can   see   the   information   from   the   Oregon   Station   in   a   Pop-Up.     It   tells   the   type   of   antenna   or   the   model   number   of   the   antenna   in   use   at   the   remote   station,   distance etc. Also notice the grey line, most of the receiving station are in the dark.