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Amateur Radio Presentations
On this page are presentations I have prepared for Ham Com (ham convention held in Plano, Texas) and for ham radio clubs in my area.  All of the presentations are for the general amateur radio community.  In most cases math and complicated items are presented in a simpler form so everyone can newer hams can understand the subject.  Most of the presentations were prepared because someone asked questions about different subjects. 
End Fed Antennas were presented at Plano Ham Com 2013.  It describes how to build an end fed antenna system.  These are great antennas for portable, emergency, or HOA. 
Amateur Radio Satellites was present at Plano Ham Com in 2008.  It describes how to build a simple 2M/440 antenna for working LOE satellites with a handheld.  It also give information on how to track satellites and operating on AO-51.
Antenna Types is a presentation giving a brief descriptions on some of the most used amateur radio antennas.
2M  Moxon is a presentation on how to build 2M Moxon antennas.  Our ARES group have built these twice.  It is a bent 2 element beam.  They are very good and pretty easy to build.
20M Dipole describes putting up a 20M dipole from calculations.  The base was at 30 feet, and then see what happens when it is lower to 20 feet and then raised to 40 feet.
Amateur Radio Digital Modes describes some of the more popular digital modes used in amateur radio today.   
Checking Antenna Systems describes different methods for checking your antenna system. 
Contesting Radio Sport describes beginning basics on contesting.  Describes type of contests, exchanges etc.  This is a basic primer for contesting for amateurs that have never entered into a contest.
J-Poles gives a description of a J-Pole and several example of J-poles. 
Packet describes packet equipment and some of the software.  This was presented at a club meeting along with an actual pocket demonstration. 
PSK-31 describes the hardware, software, and operating PSK-31.  This was also presented at a radio club meeting along with a demonstration. 
Ham Radio Fundamentals is a presentation for new hams.  This is compiled from questions new hams have asked me over the years.   It is a presentation ‘in work’ as I keep adding to it when I get new questions. 
Web Site Fundamentals is a presentation on making a Web Site for your hobby.  It discusses free and paid hosting sites and what you need to know before starting on making a web site.