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Dual Band 5 Element Light Yagi Element # Element Length Position 1 Reflector 2M 1022 0 2 Reflector 70cm 320 230 3 Driven Element 2M 939 370 4 Open Sleeve Element / Director 1 - 70cm 297 392 5 Director 2 70cm 284 500
On this page is the design for Dual Band 2M / 70cm antenna with 3.2mm elements.  The  antenna has a 50 ohm designed driver.  This Yagi has a unique element called a ‘Open Sleeve’.  This is a director very close to the Driven Element (the Driven Element is sized for 2M).  When on 70cm the ‘Open Sleeve’ acts as part of the Driven element on 70cm (3rd harmonic of 2M).  I modified this design from a design by Martin Steyer DK7ZB from Germany.
Dual Band 5 Element 2M / 70cm Yagi - 3.2 mm Elements
I constructed this Yagi using the same technique as I did for the 3 Element Light Yagi.  Go here to see details on construction 3 Element Light 2M Yagi
2M SWR Curve
70cm SWR Curve
2M Azimuth Curve
2M Elevation Curve
70cm Azimuth Curve
70cm Elevation Curve
2M Current Distribution
70cm Current Distribution