APE - 2015
On August 7, 2015 Skip (KG5DSR), Larry (WB5CXC), Ken (K5KRB), and Charles (W5WF) traveled from Conroe, Texas to Huntsville State Park, Huntsville, Texas.  Where we reserved two screened-in shelters for our APE operations.  This was Skip’s first APE. 
APE - 2015 (August PSK Expedition)
Upon arrival we unloaded the equipment and started setting up the stations.  We used WB5CXC Go-Box and end-fed antenna.  We intended on operating two stations but the bands were not cooperative so we just ran one station, mainly on 20M.  We tried the other bands to see if band conditions improved.  We did make several contacts on 17M. 
Screened Shelter - Hunstville State Park
© WB5CXC 2011
Ken K5KRB - erecting an End-Fed Vertical Antenna
WB5CXC station consisted of a Yaesu FT-857D, a MFJ manual antenna tuner, switching power supply and a Tigertronics USB interface.  The antenna was a home built end fed matching unit and 30’ wire used as a vertical.  Temperatures were a 100+ with a heat index of 105 – 110.  We had several fans blowing on us to keep cool. 
WB5CXC Larry Operating, Ken K5KRB and Charles W5WF supervising
Skip KG5DSR Operating
Ken K5KRB Operating
Ken K5KRB Go-Box
Ken’s (K5KRB) Go-Box was constructing from an article in CQ Magazine.  It is constructed from PVC pipe and fittings, and plywood for the shelves.  He finished just before APE so this was his first use of it. 
APE 2015 - Contacts
APE 2015 - Custom Certificate
APE 2015 Custom QSL Card
We QSL 100% on our APE with a custom certificate and QSL card.  We use Word and Excel to make the certificates.  We use HamQSLer to make the QSL cards.