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APE 2014
APE 2014 This   was   my   third   year   to   go   on   an APE   ( A ugust   P SK   E xpedition).     This   is   an   event   of   PODXS 070 International PSK Club. Click here for 2012 & 2013 APE   This   year   we   went   to   Grand   Bayou,   Louisiana,   it   is   in   the   northwest   corner   of   Louisiana.      We rented   three   cabins   at   the   resort.      We   had   Ken   K5KRB,   Charles   W5WF,   and   myself   Larry WB5CXC   on   this APE.      We   arrived   about   3:00   in   the   afternoon   and   unloaded   the   trucks.      We setup   Charles   station   first   and   Ken   started   making   contact.      The   first   contact   he   made   was with Ireland so I knew it was going to be a great APE. We   have   improved   our   APE/portable   operations   over   the   last   three   years.      This   year   we decided   to   build   a   smaller   Go-Box   and   we   used   the   33’   fiberglass   poles   and   the   end-fed antennas, I also wanted to try out a 15M J-pole.    Click here for information on 15M J-Pole. We didn’t have any idea of how to mount our antennas until we arrived at the site.  Each of the antennas had 100’ of RG-8 coax.            . We   put   up   the   antennas   on   the   porch   of   two   cabins.      We   intended   to   operate   two   stations   at the   same   time.      We   operated   20M   and   15M   during   the   day   without   any   interference   between the two.   The   20M   band   was   open   late   into   the   evening,   on   Friday   night   Charles   W5WF   worked   20M until a little after mid-night.  Saturday night we tried 40M but, had poor band conditions. 
I’m putting up my 33’ Fiberglass Mast
Go-Box with Yaesu FT-857D, MFJ Manual Antenna Tuner, and Tigertronics USB TNC
One   of   the   things   I   wanted   to   do   this   year   was   to   use   my   15M   Ladder   Line   J-Pole   and   compare   it with   the   end   fed   antenna.      I   operated   the   morning   using   the   end   fed   and   then   switched   to   the   J- Pole.  I couldn’t tell any difference between the two antennas, both performed well.
Operating APE on 15M
Ken - K5KRB Operating on 20M
Charles - W5WF setting up his Go-Box for operating on 20M
We   made   86   contacts   on   this   year’s   APE.      We   had   some   very   good   DX   contacts.      We   had   two stations who contacted all three of us - W3HF and  W2DEN. 
Stations contacted during our APE-2014 (by W5WF, K5KRB, and WB5CXC)
Certificate for our APE - 2014
QSL Card for APE - 2014