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August PSK Expedition
PODXS 070 club is an International PSK club.  It has around 2,000 member world wide.  The club sponsors contests and events using PSK.  August  - 2012 I got a call from my buddy W5WF asking if I would go on an APE.  He said it was August PSK Expedition for PODXS 070 PSK club.  To have a successful APE you have to set up temporary operations at least 20 miles from your home station and make twenty contacts using PSK.   We had only two weeks to prepare so we natural took too much stuff, because we have never been to the cottages where we had reservations, so we prepared for most problems.   We went to Caddo Lake, Texas and we had two cottages for our APE.  We used a dipole made from Ham Sticks for 20M up about 18’. 
W5WF putting up the antenna
Antenna final location
W5WF Go-Box - SignaLink USB, MAC Book running Ham Radio Deluxe
August  - 2013 We decided to go to Galveston Island Texas for our 2013 APE.  This year we had three PODXS members - W5WF, K5KRB, and myself WB5CXC.  We used an End Fed 30’ random wire for all our contacts, we each got our 20 contacts.  These antennas are great for portable use.  We use an MFJ-1910 33’ fiberglass pole and we can put up the antenna in about 5 minutes.  We operated about 6 hours to get all our contacts.  It took about 1 1/2 to 2 hours for each of us to get our 20 contacts.  We had lots of contacts with other PODXS members.  We QSL 100% with a certificate and a QSL card.  We are looking forward to another APE next year.
W5WF putting up the end fed antenna
Wind blowing antenna
W5WF making a PSK contact
APE 2013 Certificate
APE 2013 QSL Card
APE 2013 Contacts