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20M  - 1 Foot EH Antenna
WB5CXC holding 1’ 20M EH Antenna
I used 1” copper pipe to make my cylinders.  They will fit snugly on 3/4” PVC pipe.  The PVC pipe will have to be sanded down to allow the copper pipe to fit.  I drilled a small hole in the cylinder through the PVC pipe and soldered the wire (#14 enamel wire) to the cylinder.  Wind the coils and tune according to the instructions.  See diagram for details on this antenna.  I used the information in Demonstration # 4 & #5 to construct this antenna.  This antenna is described in Demonstration #5  (you can download Demonstration # 4 & #5 on another page on this web site).
20M Phasing Coil
Tuning and Source Coil